Ruther, drums (*1987, Zürich), works as a freelance musician with his duo HELY as well as with many other projects such as The Jazz Trio, Quiet Tree, Gangart, Raphael Jost, JENNYAnno della Valanga and Straymonk
In Ruther’s world, drumming is fundamentally a form of communication, one based around the notion of deep listening. Hence, his playing is less about formatted time signatures and pre-set dramaturgy, as it is about flow, the direct transmission of energy (kinetic and subtle) as well as about creating synergetic through-lines with other players (audience included). He compares his style to that of a versatile saxophone player, because his playing is based around lines. To him, drumming is not really about mere time-keeping nor the cold mechanics of groove. These things are a given! A part of the craft. What he’s after are the intangibles. Like the notion that subtle energies exist, that they can be tapped into, harnessed and transmitted musically. Or that there is a point where music becomes seamless and supersedes its compositional elements. That the gap between the players and the listener can, and should, fully dissolve. Synergy. Flow. He describes the affect of his playing as the equivalent of a deep Pu’er tea, where the most important element of the experience is not really a factor of the senses. The Chinese call it hui-gan, or returning sweetness, the subtle, lingering, bodily sensation that you are left with after you've finished your drink.
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